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About Dr Scientist

Dr. Scientist pedals are designed and built by husband and wife team Ryan and Tanya Clarke, who live with their dog Little Miss in the Okanagan Valley of Canada. Ryan, a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Electronics Engineering Technology program, designs the circuitry while Tanya, a graduate of NAIT's graphic sign arts program, designs the finishes.

Ryan and his employees Mike and Neil build each and every pedal.

Our pedals offer a higher level of control than can be found on any other pedal available in the known universe, while being intuitive and easy to use. They're designed to work with all types of instruments, give you power over every single audible parameter, mix wet and dry signals and use CV. All but the Reverberator are fully analog, all the stereo pedals are true stereo—two signals in, two signals out. Dr. Scientist pedals let you create sounds that are unique to you.

They're designed with the working musician in mind: top-mounted jacks save room on the pedal board, soft touch switches last a million on/off cycles without needing repair, out-of-this-world finishes mean that gear heads will envy you wherever you play. All that and we stand behind what we do: we offer a lifetime, fully-transferable, nearly-unlimited warranty.

Dr. Scientist pedals are available at over dealers around the world. We're one of the few pedal companies where if you send an email you'll reach the guy who designs, builds and ships the product to you. So go ahead, get in touch. We really appreciate all of our customers and we'd love to hear from you.

The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive

By the 24th century, nanobots have solved all of humanity’s problems, from the common cold to socks with sandals. With billions of nanobots out of work, Dr. Scientist—with help from the National Research Council of Canada, the National Institute for Nanotechnology and the University of Alberta—developed a way to use nanotechnology to create a molecular junction, a new kind of diode that saturates in a slower, smoother, more pleasing way than conventional, silicon diodes. What resulted was a new kind of overdrive pedal, featuring three gain stages: a MOSFET booster, an NPN transistor fuzz and an opamp distortion.

Tech Specs


The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive Tech Specs

Mono input, mono output
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 75mA, 2.1mm center negative plug
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


FET Gain:
Gain of the FET stage, clean boost to medium overdrive
NPN Gain:
Gain of the NPN stage, cleanish boost to medium fuzz
Op Amp Gain:
Gain of the op amp stage, clean boost to medium distortion
Master Tone:
Treble control, +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz

Master Volume:
Output level
Rotary Switch:
Selects 1 of 3 gain stages
Limited Lifetime

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The Elements

Your guitar tone is like the elements of space after the big bang, floating through a vacuum in disharmony, their potential infinite but unrealized. Realize their potential and bring your tone into harmony with the Elements, a pedal that delivers overdrive, distortion and equalizer, and works with guitars, basses and electronic instruments. The Elements provides so much control over your tone, you'll think you're sitting at the control deck of a flying saucer, but its intuitive design means you won't need to check the manual every five minutes. Oriented toward high-gain tweakability, the Elements gives you the control you need while blasting a mean tone.

Tech Specs

The Elements April 2014 inside (Large)

The Elements Tech Specs

Mono input, mono output
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 50mA, 18VDC @ 100mA
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 100Hz
+/-15dB peaking filter, centre frequency chosen by Mid Freq toggle
+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz
Gain: Op-amp based, range from less than unity to very high saturation
Passive resistance to ground
Dry at 0, wet at full


Lower position is low gain mode (less than unity to medium overdrive), Upper position is high gain mode (medium overdrive to heavy saturation
Upper position is LED clipping diodes (2V threshold), Middle position is no clipping diodes, Lower position is asymmetrical clipping with Germanium diode and LED (.3V + 3V threshold)
Upper position is medium input bass cut, Middle position is no input bass cut, Lower position is heavy input bass cut
Mid Freq:
Upper position sets midrange knob to 400Hz, Middle position is 1200Hz, Lower position is 800Hz
Expression Control:
Controls Mix knob, TRS input, 50kΩ
Limited Lifetime link

Instruction Manual

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If you’re on a quest that takes you far from home, you can’t be weighed down. You never know when you’ll need to duck under a laser cannon, or fight a giant eyeball, and you need to have portable and practical tools to face whatever alternate reality lays in store. It’s the same thing with your tone--sometimes it pays to have a compact, digital multi-tool that covers a wide range of tone needs. Enter the BitQuest: Complete with eight digital effects that work with or without a built in digital fuzz, the BitQuest offers flanger, HP/LP filter, bit crusher, infinite reverb, notch filter, ring mod, pitch shift and glitch delay, all in one pedal. No matter where the future takes you, BitQuest has got you covered.

Tech Specs

BitQuest Sept 2014 inside fullsize

BitQuest Tech Specs

Mono input, mono output
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 75mA, 18VDC @ 150mA, 2.1mm center negative plug
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


Dry signal only at min, Wet signal only at full
Wet signal level
+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz

In Fuzz Mode this is the gain control, in Clean Mode this controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
Controls an effect parameter, depends on patch
Toggle Switch:
Fuzz Mode adds a versatile digital distortion to the effects, Clean Mode takes away the fuzz and adds an extra control parameter.
Expression Input:
Controls CTRL0, TRS input, 50kΩ
Limited Lifetime

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Spectrum Analyzer

In 2219, Dr. Scientist’s sister, Professor Scientist, patented a method for turning information into food, revolutionizing humanoid societies: without the need for nourishment, information became the world’s most important commodity. It was traded in markets, in bazaars and on the Futurenet. Dr. Scientist took advantage by developing the Spectrum Analyzer, a device which reads audio information and displays it in seven frequency bands, from 63Hz to 16kHz, represented by LEDs. It reads information from any source that can be plugged into it—a computer, a guitar, a synth, a cellphone—or it can read the sound around it through a built-in microphone. Musicians hungry for information can see their music in realtime, represented by light.

Tech Specs


Spectrum Analyzer Tech Specs

Audio In, Audio Through, TRS 1/8"
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 250mA, 2.1mm plug, center positive
Input Impedance:
10MΩ tap-off 'looking' at audio signal
Sets the level of the LED display, adjust so display lights all bars
Pushbutton Switch on back of box:
Chooses between Line Level in put or front panel microphone input
Trimpots on back of box adjust the display's idle flicker and brightness

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Entering New Planetary System

Engage Spectrum Analyzer


Planet id: 314.15

aka: Fuzzeopea Three


Planet id: 271.828

aka: Flanturn


Planet id: 161.803

aka: Crunchpiter


The gravity wells of the Alpha-9 quadrant are the universe's deepest, their ability to expand matter legendary throughout the stars as powerful and unyielding. It is from these gravity wells that Dr. Scientist's Reverberator pedal takes its influence: with nine different reverb effects you can go from the deepest, wettest recesses of space to a tone-enhancing small room. Use the mix knob to blend your wet, reverberating signal with your analog dry signal, control the gain and rate of decay, have control over all aspects of your tone. Don't be caught cruising the cosmos without this kind of power.

Tech Specs

RRR pcb 2012 to present

Reverberator Tech Specs

Mono input, mono output
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 75mA, 18VDC @ 150mA
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


Op-amp boost, range from unity to large boost
Dry at 0, wet at full


Decay Time:
Left position is short decay time, Right position is long decay time
Patch Selector, 9 different reverb patches:
  • Hall 1: Long bright hall
  • Hall 2: Long warm hall
  • Room 1: Hardwood room
  • Room 2: Standard room
  • Room 3: Warm room
  • Plate 1: Standard plate
  • Plate 2: Warm plate
  • Plate 3: Short vintage plate
  • Rotary: Rotating speaker effect with room reverb
Limited Lifetime

Instruction Manual

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The Tremolessence

In 2397, technology to traverse dimensions through black holes is widespread. It involves using sound waves to disintegrate matter at the atomic level, only to reintegrate it later. Whether you're going for a subtle texturing or you want to whub-whub until your spaceship's very materiality begins to disintegrate, the Tremolessence is where to start. A true-stereo analog tremolo pedal, the Tremolessence offers a wide range of options to oscillate the hell out of your sound. It lets you fine tune the rate of the tremolo, the depth, the shape of the waveform and even lets you pan the sound so that you can make your tone your own. When you need to blow minds, the Tremolessence is the pedal for the job.

Tech Specs

The Tremolessence 2013 inside

The Tremolessence Tech Specs

Stereo input, stereo output (or mono in/mono out, mono in/stereo out)
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 75mA, 18VDC @ 150mA
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relays


+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 3kHz
Op-amp based, range from less than unity to large boost
Vary intensity of tremolo effect
Vary waveform shapes, triangles into ramps or squares into blips
Vary speed of tremolo effect, Hz to Hz
Vary the rise-time and fall-time of the tremolo effect when in Hold mode


Choose between triangle waveform (pulse/throb sound), or square waveform (on/off sound)
Lets you engage the effect only while holding down the stomp switch

PCB switch:

Stereo output can pan left to right or be in sync

PCB Trim-pots:

Set the brightness of the on/off LED
Set how fast the centre position of the Rate knob is
Expression Control (upper):
Controls Depth knob, TRS input, 25kΩ, or CV input 0 - 9V
Expression Control (lower):
Controls Rate knob, TRS input, 50kΩ, or CV input 0 - 9V
Limited Lifetime

Instruction Manual

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Frazz Dazzler

In the outer recesses of space lays Zeta-6 quadrant's largest junkyard. Here, gravity-challenged junkers float about rubbing their rusted hulls together, while the sounds of these frictions reverberate into the worlds around them. Want your tone to sound like two abandoned spaceships crashing in the vacuum of space, their oxidized wings gnashing together and disintegrating into dust? With a wide gain range, the Frazz Dazzler pedal will frazzle dazzle you with its mean-spirited and aggressive fuzz whether you play guitar, bass or an electronic instrument. 

Tech Specs

Frazz Dazzler pcb 2012 to present

Frazz Dazzler Tech Specs

Mono input, mono output
Power Requirements:
9VDC @ 50mA
Input/Output Impedance:
True bypass using soft touch switch and relay


Passive treble cut
Silicon transistors + 1 watt audio amplifier based, range from gritty overdrive to very high saturation
Passive resistance to ground
Dry at 0, wet at full


Gain Setting:
Left position is low to medium gain with no gate, right position is high gain with gate

PCB Trim-pots:

+/-15dB peaking filter centred at 100Hz, cut or boost the bass of the signal
Expression Control:
Controls Mix knob, TRS input, 50kΩ
Limited Lifetime

Instruction Manual

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